Friday, April 14, 2017

Videos of Purchase Activated Manufacturing and Demand Replenishment in Action

Links to YouTube Videos

 This video is a overview of Purchase Activated Manufacturing and the integrated technologies now available to build a pilot facility for Demand Replenishment (DR) and Purchase Activated Manufacturing (PAM).

 This video shows the profit advantages of PAM over conventional overseas manufacturing.  The numbers are best single garment estimates from a number of industry players however, most companies do not breakdown individual unit total cost because of mass production and shipping.  AM4U has active comparative spreadsheets that can be used to estimate investment payback and unit profit.  Contact me for more info.

Water-less chemical free dye and print with Active Tunnel Infusion™ technology.  Avoid the high cost and time of prepress minimums and the risk of inventoried prints and colors that don't sell with permanent color and print using advanced frequency technology from AM4U.

Building consumer value through pollution free consumer choice builds profits by selling at retail price instead of costly discounts and clearances.  Build business through promotion and loyalty without risking overstock or out-of-stock losses. Avoid costly environmental fees and costs while creating sustainable jobs at home.

Building an integrated expandable mini-factory to offer both DR and PAM to your customers.  Take a tour.

Compare ATI with modern water saving technology.

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