Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Integrated Merchandising and Manufacturing is the First Step to Sustained Profits

Merchandising and Manufacturing become one at SOURCING AT MAGIC this August

The Zund Cutter is one of the technologies featured in the Merchandising Integrated Micro-Factory in SOURCING AT MAGIC
August 12th thru the 15th, the Made in USA section of SOURCING AT MAGIC in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center will introduce a working model of the world’s first Merchandising Integrated Micro-Factory on the convention floor. This factory developed by AM4U, Inc. enables Demand Manufacturing for instant in-season replenishment of hot fashion sellers or replacement of slow movers. Real-time merchandising adjustments that long lead times from foreign suppliers make impossible. "No out of stock and no overstock" is a merchandiser’s dream! Featuring equipment from the top digital manufacturing vendors integrated by AM4U, Inc. the factory will produce apparel on demand displayed and ordered from an Endless Aisle merchandising kiosk.  SOURCING AT MAGIC attendees can select apparel or accessories from a Virtual Inventory displayed in high definition.  The digital SKU’s appearing on the screen in 3D will then be transformed from white fabric into colored actual finished apparel using the on site Integrated Micro-Factory.  
The Integrated Micro-Factory is one of the new technologies developed by AM4U to revitalize the apparel sector of the US economy by providing product choice, increased profitability and thousands of sustainable jobs. Risk free product choice from "change-on-the-fly" digital manufacturing technology, increased profitability by reducing the almost 60% overproduction driven by overseas lead times and sustainable jobs as demonstrated by the reproducible non-polluting Integrated Micro-Factories on the convention center floor.  
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For the first time anywhere, SOURCING AT MAGIC will link actual working Integrated Micro Factories to a Retail “Endless Aisle” virtual inventory merchandising portal. The Endless Aisle merchandising pop-up allows brands and retailers the ability to offer a massive a Virtual Inventory with the additional on-site benefits of fabric feel and trial fitting. Connecting merchandising to manufacturing in a real-time model is the key factor in creating profitability of the new era of Demand Sourcing.  The ability to tie retail product merchandising movement directly to replenishment product manufacturing can increase retail sell-through to levels that assure profitability at normal mark-ups.  SOURCING AT MAGIC understands that for many product groups and retailers the technology and application of Virtual Inventories and digital manufacturing is ready for commercial application.  In addition this environmentally clean technology with its ability to change colors and prints on the fly without minimums or long lead times is the ultimate in lean manufacturing.  One of the impediments to implementation is that many brands and retailers have not seen an Integrated Micro-Factory in operation and those that have seen a working factory are still unclear about the integrated merchandising strategies available.
Linking the retail “Endless Aisle” kiosk with a Virtual Inventory filled with SKU’s from on site state of the art visual design systems creates and risk free unlimited inventory.  These SKU’s exist only in digital form until selected from the Endless Aisle visual catalog and transformed into physical high quality apparel in the Integrated Micro-Factory.  The integration of manufacturing with replenishment based on actual sales allows the retailer to operate with a minimum of actual product in a localized distribution pipeline while drawing from an endless aisle of virtual product stored a no risk in digital form.
SOURCING AT MAGIC Plans to Provide a Path for Made in USA Apparel Recovery
SOURCING AT MAGIC a part of UBM’s biannual MAGIC Apparel Show the largest apparel show in the western hemisphere is unveiling a plan to return apparel manufacturing to the U.S.  The plan is based on sustainable digital manufacturing technology integrated with Demand Sourcing based on real-time point of sale replenishment.  The proven manufacturing technology will be driven by actual product sales with change-on-the-fly adjustment and or replacement for fast selling or non-selling items. SOURCING AT MAGIC will begin in August to feature more and more U.S. companies using digital manufacturing and Integrated Micro-Factories to provide this next generation of merchandising to brands and retailers.
The Plan will have the overall goal of raising full retail price sell through above an average of 60% of on hand inventory.  Since current sell through at retail price is less than 25% this increase will allow the lowering of average consumer price while almost doubling the gross sales profit for manufacturers, brands and retailers.  In addition since the inventory is stored digitally until sold the upfront costs of factoring or financing and the cost and risk of warehousing are eliminated.  SOURCING AT MAGIC understands that the only incentives for change that work in a market driven economy are profit and risk reduction, which are the principal goals of this project.  SOURCING AT MAGIC believes that pursuing this growth plan will provide needed financial incentive to the popular “Buy American” and “Made in the USA” programs we hear about every day.
More information about the key Principals of Demand Manufacturing can be found at AM4U.com